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You've searched all the retail stores. You've even exhausted all your options online. And you still can't find the item you have in mind. Or you've found it, but it has left you with some serious sticker shock. Now what?

All too often, countless hours are spent searching for that perfect item, only to be left disappointed and settling for something that's not quite right.  The search ends here!  My sourcing service allows you to stop looking for something that appears to be impossible to find.  Not only will I find what you are looking for through trade only vendors, it will often be at a price that is the same as, or less than, the big box stores.

The process begins with a 45 min - 1 hour consultation meeting to discuss what you are looking for.  Once sourcing is complete, you are presented 3 of the best options based on our discussion.  You make your selection, the item is ordered, and delivered to your home upon arrival.  Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy. 

Items available for sourcing include upholstered furniture, casegoods, lighting, area rugs, mirrors. Items not available for sourcing include pillows, throws, baskets, mattresses and bedding, accessories.  Limited to 1 item per room, to a maximum of 3 items total.

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