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My favorite Ikea items for any budget

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

Love it or hate it, you know about Ikea. If you are one of those folks who is not a fan of Ikea, hopefully this post will show you that they've come a long way. Today I am going to show you my 4 favorite items from Ikea. These items work in any space with any budget, all while looking fabulous (some with a little extra help). If you don't like setting foot in the vast wonderland that is the Ikea warehouse, there's always online shopping.

1) Ribba Frame

These frames are extremely versatile. Coming in a few different frame colors, and a number of different sizes, complete with a white matte you can use or take out, these work anywhere. I especially love these frames for a gallery wall. With the different sizes available, there are literally hundreds of different ways you can create a gallery wall, without spending a ton of money.

2) Ranarp Lamp

With it's timeless design and hint of metal, this piece is useful, chic and affordable. It looks great on any desk, whether it's in a kids room, a home office, or your office downtown. It currently comes in 2 colors, as well as a floor, wall, and pendent lamp versions.

3) Godmorgon Vanity

Given the number of ways you can customize it, you can't beat the Godmorgon vanity. It is available in a number of different finishes and widths. You can use a vanity top with basin, or put a counter on it with a vessel basin. If you have the room for the wider option (2 drawers wide), it is big enough for 2 basins. You can easily swap out the 'builder grade' drawer pulls, AND you can either leave it as a floating vanity, or add some legs to make it look like a freestanding piece. This may very well be my personal favorite from Ikea, especially in the walnut finish (as seen above). In fact, I love it so much we have it in our basement bathroom, which I would argue is currently our nicest bathroom in the house.

4) Pax Wardrobe

Talk about customization! The options are literally endless with the Pax Wardrobe system. Yes, this system is going to cost you more than the items listed above, however in comparision to other custom closet organizers, this one is relatively inexpensive. And if you are creative enough, you can customize it further with some paint and hardware. Just look at these pictures below. Yep, these are also Pax Wardrobes.

Sometimes Ikea gets a bad rap. I hope I've shown you that there are some great looking and quality items that can be added to your space without breaking the bank. Then you'll have some pennies saved (can that even be a saying anymore??) to splurge on that navy velvet couch you've had your eye on (or is that just me?).

Until next time...

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