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Interior Decorating & Styling

Our Interior Decorating & Styling packages are the perfect fit to get started with the right plan. These packages always start with a detailed conversation to determine your wants, needs, likes, dislikes, design style, etc. From there a decor concept is created based on our conversations together so that we can curate the perfect plan for you! Once our design concepts are completed we will present those to you to determine the best options to complete your space. And the best part, bringing your vision to reality. 


The process simple and organized so that you feel taken care of and equipped with a professional eye on your project. 

Package 1

     • Two hour design consultation in the space

     • Presentation of two mood boards with inspiration photos and selections

Package 2

     • Two hour design consultation in the space

     • Presentation of two mood boards with inspiration photos and selections

     • Floor plan detailing layout of selections and finishes

     • Sourcing, shopping and ordering of all selections*

     • Detailed breakdown of costs

     • Full installation and styling of space

*Cost of selections and labor not included in package price



Do you have all your furnishings in place, but not sure where to hang your pictures or display your accessories? In need of purchasing the finishing touches and have your space completed? We have two options for our Accessorizing packages: 

Package 1

  • Full Installation of styling your artwork & accessories.  


Package 2

  • Sourcing of products, installation & styling.

* Quotes are based on an hourly rate once we have seen your space. 3 hour minimum fee

Space Planning

Space planning helps ensure your spaces are used as efficiently as possible.  How will people move through the space? Will the space have more than one function?  Are there any potential changes in the future that need to be taken into consideration? These questions will help highlight the problems that need to be solved.

We will help you make the decisions to make the space work best for you.  It starts with an in-depth conversation of how the space will be used. A plan is then created that defines the zones of the space, as well as the circulation patterns of how people will move through the space.  Finally, details of all the furniture, equipment and hardware placement are added to finish the plan.  Once the plan is complete, it is presented to you.


Package 1

  • 1 room (up to 300 sq. ft.)

Package 2

  • 2 rooms (up to a total of 700 sq. ft.)

Package 3

    • 3 rooms (up to a total of 1,100 sq. ft.)


* Packages also available for 1 level of home, and entire home


None of the above quite what you are looking for? Need a little (or a lot) of each of the above? Need help with finishing selections and interior decorating? Moving in to a new home and need some interior decorating and home organization? Let's customize a package that's right for you.

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